Discount Health Foods- South Melbourne Market

Discount Health Foods is physically and spiritually the heart of South Melbourne Market; a mecca for health food enthusiasts and holistic living. In a space of roughly 45 square metres, the health food store retails an astonishing number of natural food and health products. You can find staple foods, gourmet treats, vitamins and supplements, skin care, cleaning and household supplies; ranging from internationally known brands to locally produced goods. It is a condensed version of a Whole Foods Market (you know the one in America? Of course you do!). Complete excellence.

My gluten-free and dairy-free pantry begins here. This is where I find unique gluten-free and dairy-free food that is not stocked in mainstream supermarkets, such as soy lecithin and nutritional yeast. Further, Discount Health Foods self-packs an impressive array of gluten-free flour. You can find 100% brown rice flour, quinoa flour, teff flour, sorghum flour, soy flour, buckwheat flour and potato flour. This enables me to take an organic approach of blending my own gluten-free high fibre flour at home. 

Going 30+ years strong, the shop remains a family run business led by father and son duo, Omer and Moshe. Their staff are lovely and willowy ladies and gents (especially Sam) who are helpful and make me feel like I am amongst friends. It is an environment that generates and facilitates conversations and ideas in support of your health goals and lifestyle. That's what makes for a pleasant shopping experience.

If you haven't the opportunity to go to the store in person, worry not. Discount Health Foods offers online shopping. Visit their website:  

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Discount Health Foods is located at Shop 26, South Melbourne Market. 
Its trading hours are Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7:30am to 4:00pm.