Full Filled Co.- Raw Gluten Free Dairy Free Truffles

Full Filled Co. is a Melbourne-based healthy catering company with an impressive talent in food styling. It is a tight-knit team of two sisters, Danielle and Melissa Fenner-Smith, who share a fine vision of creating moveable feasts based on whole foods.

Raw Gluten Free Dairy Free Lemon Cheesecake Truffle
Their gorgeous petite globes of  truffles were featured in my post on MART 130. The truffles were all raw, gluten free and dairy free. At the time of my visit at MART 130, three different truffles were available: Lemon Cheesecake, Chocolate Mint and Rawtella.

I was over-the-moon with the deliciousness of the Lemon Cheesecake Truffle. Its flavour, texture and freshness well-exceeded my expectations; it really tasted as good as it looked!

I imagine the Chocolate Mint and Rawtella variety would be mightily yum as well. This calls for a return to MART 130 so I can find out!

Full Filled Co.'s truffles are available in select cafes across Melbourne. Find out where on their website: http://fullfilledco.com.au/
Follow them on Instagram (prepare to be impressed!): https://instagram.com/fullfilledcoau