South Melbourne Market Grocer- Bargain GF & DF Food Stuff

Rounding out the southern wall of the South Melbourne Market on Conventry Street stands a sizeable market stall selling local and imported edible goods. Two words come to mind when browsing the shop: random and unfussed. Food items are stacked on wooden crates in its original cardboard box, with its sides torn to reveal its contents. Packets of Asian noodles stack next to canisters of matzo ball mix, balanced precariously on boxes of Italian biscotti. Akin to a flea market, customers rummage through and discover food stuff. It is all part of the charm at the South Melbourne Market Grocer.

This is where I find bargain gluten-free and dairy-free food items; from cereal to cooking sauces. Queen Elizabeth's plastic (that's our Australian $5 bill graced by her Royal face) stretches far here. One time, I bought five packs of Ezekiel's gluten-free and dairy-free Vanilla Tea Biscuits for that little money. FYI- The same pack of cookies at Coles is retailed at $4.90 each!!!

That's Roy on the bottom left. I know he would love it if you greet him by his name.
He'll be so surprised! =)

The reason why the shop is able to sell food products at such massive discount is because majority of the products are close to its best-by date. You might get a one week window, a month or up to six months; random as I mentioned. But if you are not squeamish about the tatts on the package, then for sure, you are looking at HUGE savings on gluten-free and dairy-free food at the SoMel Market Grocer.

What is interesting about this shop is its continuously changing stock. Once a product sells out, it is replaced by a completely different one. So week to week, there is new food stuff to be found. Attracting returning customers poking their heads to see what the week holds. 

Shop owner, Roy, is quintessential Australian; a gregarious fella with a booming voice greeting you at the till. He seems as interested in his customers as they are in his specialty food products. Don't be surprised to find yourself soon on first name bases with this guy. 

South Melbourne Market Grocer is located at Shop 43, South Melbourne Market. 
Its trading hours are Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7:30am to 4:00pm. 

Roy is old school and does not have Facebook nor Instagram. Guess you'll just have to pop by in person to say Hi!