Stavros Tavern- Spit roast chicken with gluten free pita

Stavros Tavern is a hidden gem for the gluten-free and dairy-free. The restaurant doesn't specifically market its GF&DF offerings, but once you ask the friendly and attentive staff, you'll learn that much on the menu is or can be made GF&DF friendly. Afterall, the heart of traditional Greek cuisine centres around grilled or slow-cooked meats and veggies; hearty and healthy with little or no need of wheat flour or dairy. 

On its menu and rotating specials board, several GF&DF dishes stood out for me: the lamb and rice dolmathes, spit-roast lamb, spit-roast chicken, whole-baked fish, slow-baked lamb and slow-baked rabbit. I ordered the spit-roast chicken (kota souvlas) and it arrived with GF pita and hummous in lieu of tzatiki dip. Imagine my surprise! I knew the staff was aware of my dietary intolerances, but I didn't ask for substitutions. I find omitting an item entirely rather than asking for substitutions makes life easier for both the kitchen and myself. I was beyond surprised and delighted to find the additional GF pita and hummous were all initiatives from the owner and proprietor Mister Stavros himself and they were complimentary. Mister Stavros and his kitchen really do look after their customers. I ate away heartily, happily and worry free. 

For more than thirty years, Stavros Tavern is highly regarded for keeping with its roots in authentic Greek cuisine. I am very impressed with the restaurant, the gentleman restaurateur Mister Stavros (and his character moustache), his kitchen and wonderful staff. I highly recommend GF&DFers to check the place out and get your Greek food fix!

Stavros Tavern is located at 183 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park, MelbourneVIC
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