Pillar of Salt- Californian Superfood Salad and Superfood Smoothie

Renown for maxing out its seating capacity during brunch service, Pillar of Salt has a solid domain over Richmond's cafe scene. No longer the new kid on the block, Pillar has become something that other cafes aspire to be: an establishment of full- blown character with exceptional food.

Californian Superfood Salad with sesame crusted seared tuna. Gluten-free and dairy-free. Loved the texture of popped rice and goji berries.
Though five years into operation, little is known of the latest developments at Pillar of Salt. The most important being the change of ownership. Surprised?

I was when I found out. 
Superfood Smoothie. Gluten-free and dairy-free.
Pillar saw its early years under the mentorship of the Sahely Brothers. To their credit, they done up the space right with an industrial fit out and interesting accessories. The effect is a modern and upbeat setting in which one can settle comfortably in. Two years ago, the baton was handed over to Kosta Zervoudakis, a restaurateur with eighteen years of career history in the hospitality industry. Pillar would be his fifth business. Interestingly, the changeover of proprietorship went relatively unnoticed. It did not suffer a dip in customer loyalty, which is a common and unfortunate scenario for restaurants seeing a change of hands. Defying the odds, Pillar's hat trick game- in food, coffee and customer service- remains strong.

Pillar's popularity is owed to the efforts of Kosta and his creative team; Chef Jason Kubasek and Manager Adam Nicholl. "There's three of us and we are all crazy. We love what we do. We are going to take the food standard up, and we are going to do things no one else is doing," Kosta says enthusiastically.

Green Omelette featuring Mount Zero's truffle infused green olive tapenade. Gluten-free.
Pillar's all-day menu cites a number of eclectic feeds: the wildly popular Red Chilli Scrambled Eggs, Benedict of thyme roasted pears and braised ham hock, Roasted Caulis Kimchi and Corn Fritters and Wild Buffalo Steak Burger. It is evident that Pillar gives new life to classic universal dishes with Chef Jason’s creative touch. Not only is the menu inventive, the presentation of the final product is stunning. It would be true to say the trio has got down pat the design to attract foodies and bean hunters with a penchant for indulgent feeds. "I take it as a compliment when I see people taking pictures of food with their phone," Kosta says candidly. 

Pillar's Fruit Salad- seasonal fruits on a bed a pink labneh. Gluten-free.

Five Senses Coffee with Bonsoy soymilk.
As for coffee, Head Barista Chrissy is well-versed in the demands of the country’s caffeine capital and sources well to satisfy the beanheads. Five Senses coffee beans is the staple at Pillar and sets the standard for milk coffees and single-origin. From there, the coffee menu, slated on the white-tiled pillar in the middle of the shop, diversifies to include coffee beans from various boutique roasters in Melbourne: Small Batch, Code Black and Ruska, headliners change weekly. This means under one roof, you can taste coffees from a legion of expert coffee roasters across our super cool city.

Pillar of Salt has a very likable presence- from gorgeous food, great coffee and generous hospitality. It is little wonder that the Richmond gem is a favourite destination café for Melbournites and inter-state wanderers. 

Mexican-style baked pinto beans with blue corn tortilla. Gluten-free and Dairy-free.

Pillar of Salt is located at 541 Church Street, Richmond, Melbourne, VIC

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Fun Fact: Chef Jason is not only a talent in the kitchen, his creative soul is vibin' the north face of Pillar's exterior. Check it out---------------->>>