Taste of Tasmania

Tasmania, the island state of Australia, is known throughout the nation for its artisan food. My recent trip to the temperate state has shown me how it gained that sought-after reputation in Australian gastronomy. 

A walk through the Salamanca Market, it was clear that locals are active in making the most of what's available to them- from game meats, fresh seafood hulled from its lively port, and valleys of vineyard and orchards. People are producing wonderfully tasting and unique food that can headline in food and wine magazines. It is for this reason that I composed this picture blog post. It is a piece about my experience of traveling and eating in Hobart and sharing some epic food feeds that might entice your next vacation to the quirky and laid-back capital of Tassie.

So we begin.... 

Fresh orchard to market fruits.
Sun-ripen apricots with flesh soft and juicy; a fruit smoothie all on its own. Cherries so plump and flavorful, even after eating a kilo of these red orbs the first day, you'd still go to the market the second day and get more.

Healthy Treats from Mrs. Rees @farmgatemarket
 Gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan cookies in Date & Ginger Biscuits, Almond Delights, and Chocolate chip & Cranberry Biscuits.

Melbourne-grade coffees.
The ones we liked were from: Frankie's Empire, Jackman and McRoss, Tricycle Cafe and Bury Me Standing Co at Farm Gate Market. I loved the live jazz music at Frankie's.

Salmon Sausages @salamancamarket
Gluten-free, dairy-free salmon sausages (yup, never heard of it until now). The chief sausage maker from Silver Hill Fisch serves it up with a good load of fresh zesty greens.

Did you know that Tasmania's salmon aquaculture is the strongest in the country?! For this reason, you'll find Tasmania Atlantic Salmon pervading the food market. I recommend giving the brandied-salmon a try.

 BISH Smokehouse @BrunyIsland
I was very impressed with BISH Smokehouse. Beautiful food like smoked salmon, smoked trout, smoked sardines, smoked wallaby, smoked duck...the list goes on.

Wallaby paste?!
To put it more elegantly: wallaby in a pomegranate sauce. Housemade and really tasty. I recommend getting a couple of jars back because you won't find this on mainland Australia. 
Smoked Wallaby.
Fresh raspberry sorbet from a berry farm on Bruny Island.
Get Shucked Oysters @brunyisland
My pal, Julia, was convinced that the ratio from muscle to that creamy stuff was just right. She loved it with tobasco and a wedge of lemon.

Baker's gloves.
The Bruny Island Cheese Co.
  Though I am a gluten-free and dairy-free person, I am not immune to opportunities to take photos of beautiful food. The breads were freshly baked in an outdoor brick oven. Though not gluten-free, I admired the baker and her work

She [the baker] probably made someone's day with her creations.
The Neck lookout on Bruny Island.
A picture perfect farewell to a gorgeous trip.