Little Sunflower Cafe- Black Rice Pudding and the Buddha Bowl

Nestled within Elwood's green arbors blooms the Little Sunflower, a very pretty cafe that is fast becoming the feel-good brunch spot of the year. With a seating capacity of thirty-two, Little Sunflower is a darling little place with big and noble insights: To support artisan, organic, wild crafted, sustainable, free range, ethical and nutrient dense produce. And To focus on providing the whole food, naturally. 

Don't you just love the sound of that? 

Black Rice Pudding bathed in coconut milk. Gluten-free and Dairy-Free.

Little Sunflower is the third venture by Owners and Chef Angie Robertson and Grant Waters. Having ran cafes previously in commercial centres of South Melbourne and Cremorne, Angie and Grant wanted to create a beautiful space where one is compelled to sit, have a good cuppa and read the daily with ease. With Little Sunflower, their efforts are well and over-achieved.

The Black Rice Pudding is first served like this so you can see all the gorgeous toppings: fresh fruits, edible flowers, coconut flakes, buckinis and bee pollen. You are given a jug of coconut milk which you pour over the goodies. I love that each of the toppings has a unique presence and flavor profile, thus the texture and flavor of the rice pudding change with each bite.

The effect of blond timber, pressed tinned wall, vertical green garden and patchwork chairs is simple, minimal and lovely. More importantly, it is inviting. Upon walking-in and greeting by the friendly staff, you'll take note immediately an ambiance of good-naturedness that is untainted and unexploited by the masses. With Spotify on shuffle play of 'alternative chill', your morning latte stopover may easily turn into a three course luncheon. 

The Buddha Bowl is made of colorful and nutritious food from nature's bounty. You get tons of veggies, healthy fats from nuts and avocado, protein from lentil and mushroom. It's a BIG bowl of goodness, nourishing what the body needs. Gluten-free and Dairy-free w/o labneh.
Little Sunflower proudly boasts the works of Chef Angie, a healthy chef who has a deep rooted philosophy in healthy cooking and healing food. 'My interest in what food could do for us, its impact on our health, whether positive or negative, grew. And I wanted it [the menu] to be nutrition-focused,' Angie says. 

Visible to the entire shop, Angie's open pantry reveals several shelves of healthy cookbooks and glass jars of dry seeds, grains and raw nuts from which your meals are made from. She draws inspiration from her readings and sources seasonal produce, artisan products and organic ranges to create a menu showcasing a steady set of innovative whole food. 

Sweet Potato Roesti with poach eggs, kale and mushrooms in tomato kasoundi. I love when the running egg yolks soak into the roesti- the combination with the spiced kasoundi was divine. Gluten-free and Dairy-free.

Beautiful, fresh and nutritious food is the theme, and each dish sings virtuously of Chef Angie's design. Superfoods and anti-inflammatory spices queue up to power breakies like the black rice pudding, lemon and turmeric pancakes and buddha bowls. A glossary of nutritional foods and spices on the menu gives you quick-handed street smarts in the clean eating world. Each meal is gorgeously presented, tastes wonderful, and you are cemented with positive impressions of healthy eating.

Cool as a cuke smoothie: cucumber, kale, spirulina, mango, ginger, goji berries and shredded coconut. Refreshing and replenishing.
For people with dietary concerns, Little Sunflower's menu indicates which meals are vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free. Their numbers are many and choices are excellent. A display case of raw dessert bars and bliss balls make for a sweet and fulfilling ending. 
Even before you finish your brunch, your eyes will draw invariably to the raw desserts at the counter. Bounty and Ferroro Rocher, Chia Pudding, Matcha Slice and Bliss Balls. Speechless.

Truly, eating well on a restrictive diet does not have to be exclusive to home-cooked meals. With healthy chefs like Little Sunflower's Angie and Grant looking after you, there is a home away from home.  
The raw cacao buckini base was crunchy and the creamy coconut middle bit was so nice and refreshing. It pairs beautifully with the Blooming Tea, a steep pot of a blossom of a real flower.

Little Sunflower Cafe is located at 15 Ormond Road, Elwood, Melbourne. 

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Fun fact: Chef Angie's favourite feature in the cafe is the green wall made up of 102 potted plants. In interior design terms, it is called 'bio-filia,' the love for bringing live plants indoors and giving the interior a sense of nature and positive fang-shui.