Introducing 180 Nutrition Protein Superfood

180 Nutrition Protein Superfood gives new meaning to the world of protein supplement. An unique first of its class- 180 Nutrition Protein Superfood is a hybrid of protein powder and superfoods. The concept is innovative and completely original- it is clear to me as to why 180 Nutrition Protein Superfood is gaining much enthusiasm and support by health professionals, athletes and keen health foodies.

My avocado smoothie is made with 180 Nutrition Protein Superfood in Vegan Coconut. Yum!

180 Nutrition Protein Superfood is a smart formulation of high quality protein and clean co-factors. Grass fed whey protein is used in the original formula and, for the vegan variety, there is pea protein. Protein isolates are combined with ground nuts and seeds. There are almond meal, flaxseeds, coconut flour, chia seeds, psyllium husk,  sunflower kernels, pepitas, sesame seeds, inactive yeast and stevia. Twelve ingredients well-known for their nutrient profile.

These superfoods act as co-factors, providing nutritional benefits of amino acids, fatty acids, vitamin and minerals. Balanced co-factors are essential for protein digestion, absorption and synthesis. Having natural wholefood as co-factors means that you are not ingesting isolated lab ingredients. You are putting real food in your body. 

Too many protein supplement manufacturers cut corners and plump up its protein powders with dubious ingredients, including chemically-derived amino acid isolates, artificial colors and flavouring, preservatives, sugars and salts. When your goal is eating well and exercising to stay healthy, eating synthetic and artificial products contradicts those principles, don't you think?

As you know, the best source of nutrients is from real food. 180 Nutrition Protein Superfood valiantly honors that. A veritable NATURAL wholefood protein supplement that, per serving, provides 21 grams of protein and 6 grams of fibre and a host of vitamin and minerals from ground nuts and seeds. It is mightily low in sugar too; only 1 gram per serving.

In addition to making cool smoothies, you can enjoy cooking and baking with it, adding nutritional value to your pancakes and muffins. Have it as a meal replacement or work-out supplement, 180 Nutrition Protein Superfood is real wholefood that you can trust in its quality and what it can do for your health.

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