Gluten-free, Vegan Cinnamon Crunch Protein Granola

It's probably my life's mission to grow a habit of starting the day with a good and well-balanced breakfast. One that is high in fibre, protein and fruit, which are full-filling food groups that let you head out the day with energy.

This cinnamony and crunchy granola is made with whole grains of buckwheat with added protein power from 180 Nutrition's Vegan Pea Protein, a protein formula that has added seeds and nuts. It's a Superfood Granola!

Making your own granola is easy and the variations you can have with the added fruits and nuts mean you can come up with your favorite mix. That's pretty fun, right?

Cinnamon Crunch Protein Granola by NellyBelly

1 1/2 cup buckwheat groats
2 scoops Protein Superfood* (I used Vegan Coconut)
2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup rice malt syrup
2 tablespoon coconut oil
1/2 cup dried fruits (dried cranberries, currants. optional)
1/3 cup dried nuts (cashews, pecans. optional)
1) Preheat oven to 160C, line large baking tray with baking paper
2) In a large bowl, mix well buckwheat groats, protein superfood, cinnamon and salt
3) Pour in rice malt syrup, maple syrup and coconut oil
4) Mix well until clumpy granola bits are formed
5) Add dried fruits and nuts
6) Spread evenly on baking sheet, bake for 15 minutes until golden. 
7) Cool before storing in tight-lid container.

Makes 2 1/2 cups. 

Notes + Inspiration
Enjoy with fruits and yogurt
Top up your smoothies with protein granola
Portion in zip lock bags for an easy and healthy snack-on-the-go.

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