Truman Cafe- Ruevan Sandwich and Roberta Flack

Truman Cafe is known to be an outlier in many ways. Geographically, it is situated outside the main hub of Albert Park Village, where it stands as the sole cafe on Kerferd Road. The building is on a sizable plot, and you are met with a generous outdoor seating area at first sight. Physically, the cafe is a shapely pentagon; squat in depth featuring a coffee bar in the centre and room for two seating areas to the right and left wing. It is a sunlit space with the long side of the room being windows. 

The cafe adheres to no interior design trends. Mismatched tables, chairs and benches are at various heights and angles. Against the backdrop of white walls and mid-tone timber, pops of color from odds and ends of vintage pieces ultimately decorate the place.

It appears the cafe's previous owner, Mark Wright, was a bit of a junk collector. It was a quirky hobby of his, which he shared with the cafe. Some pieces of his collection have functional use, such as the vintage sheet metal file cabinet holding menus, newspapers and children play toys. Other collectibles retain display quality only.

Mismatched crockery and random thingamabobs from decades past have new found purpose and are embraced by curious customers. The thought, or lack of, in the interior design produces a nice and effortless space. It takes little persuasion to like the cafe and enjoy being there. 

Delicious spread featuring freshly pressed juices and smoothie: Roberta Flack, Brook Shields and Bon Jovi.
The cafe's menu begins with a page of freshly pressed juices and smoothies, titled after Hollywood Wall of Fame-ers. A great selection of breakfast goods follows: porridge, eggs on toasts, salads and toasted sandwiches. Though there is no legend for dietary options on the menu, a quick chat with the friendly and attentive servers reveals a kitchen very capable of accommodating for gluten-free and dairy-free people. 

Reuvan Toasted Sandwich. Eye rounds of jirello beef is poached for three hours and house-spiced.  Gluten free and Dairy free. 
Artisan gluten free bread from GoGF can replace bread based dishes. The gluten free toast is a thick cut of the multi-grain variety. Bonsoy soymilk is the base for soy lattes and dairy-free smoothies. House-made mayonnaise is dairy-free and very very delicious. 

Don't miss the specials! Weekly specials are marked on a white tiled wall next to the coffee bar. This week's offering include a lab backstrap salad, with roasted chunk potatoes, braised fennel, spinach and roasted veggies. Gluten-free and Dairy-free.  
Pre-meal coffee is by Allpress, a New Zealand boutique coffee roaster and espresso specialist with Melbourne headquarters in Collingwood. Post-meal dessert is house-made. Tarts and slices have that rustic unevenness- not much a looker but you know it will taste delicious.

Perhaps that is the unstated theme of Truman Cafe. Whatever it is, it has good things going on that prevails one to traverse across town to experience and delight in.

Truman Cafe is located 381 Montague St. Albert Park, Melbourne, VIC.

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Fun fact: Over the years, customers have brought in curios of sorts to contribute to the cafe's decor, making it more of a people's cafe.

Thank you Sophia, Sarah and Sam for having me and A Chronicle of Gastronomy at your cafe!