Shokuiku- Raw Organic Cafe, Raw Pancakes!

This week's nourishing adventure takes us to Shokuiku, a raw organic cafe in Northcote. The days leading up to the assignment, I acquainted myself with the history of Shokuiku.

Founded by Yoko Inoue, a holistic nutritionist and raw food chef, Shokuiku embodies the core values of three food philosophies:

Eat Raw benefit the most nutrients in food

Eat Organic limit exposure to harmful chemicals
 and to promote environmentally sustainable farming practices

Eat Macrobiotic... nourish the body with unrefined, biodynamic seasonal food

Shokuiku integrates these three fundamentals with principles of traditional East Asian medicine and modern nutrition. The result is complex and innovative food that piques patron's curiosity. 

Yoko makes medicinal plants relevant and fitting to our cafe culture. Herbs and roots are grounded, powdered, and whipped into almond milk to make creamy elixirs. The warm velvety cuppa is not only delicious, knowing that it has health-promoting and health-protecting properties makes you appreciate the food more. 

Superfoods and herbal ingredients are not frivolously combined. Each drink and tonic is specific to a purpose; whether healing, immune-boosting or detoxing.

Formulating the recipes is a deliberate process that engages Yoko's study and knowledge in macrobiotic food and medicinal herbs. "Every ingredient you decide to use should have a purpose. Knowing what they are there for is absolutely empowering," says Yoko. 

By principle of raw food, all of the cafe's offerings are gluten-free and dairy-free. Its menu features a staple of superfood smoothie bowls, raw pancakes, warm porridges, and open sandwiches and wraps. There is a rotating supply of salads, raw tarts and cakes.

Raw, living food is very appealing: it is colorful, vibrant and look so healthy. Moreover, not knowing how it is prepared, what the texture or flavor is like, the unknown adds an element of wonder and anticipation.

The Raw Pancake is undisputedly the most popular item. Made from dehydrated bananas, the pancakes take on a fruit roll-up texture, though it is thicker and more substantial. It is served with raw nutella, crème du jour and seasonal fruits. It is a sweet dish, and the sweetness lingers. Coupling it with a hot tea, tonic or latte, balances the dish nicely.

Shokuiku does away with coffee in favor of matcha, turmeric golden-lattes and non-caffeinated herb-based coffees. It is a bold move, especially in Melbourne. Interestingly, sitting in the minimalist cafe, in tune with the earthy vibe and cradling a hot tea infusion, it would be easy to say coffees are over rated. 

The extensive tea list is accompanied by a glossary, which debriefs customers the medicinal properties of the plant. If you need help choosing a herbal tea or blend, Anna, a friendly staff, describes the body of the teas pretty well, and you can get an idea of the flavor.

Shokuiku's organic, plant-based,  raw cuisine is available for dinner. Tickets and reservations can be made online. As well, for those taking on an interest in raw cuisine, raw food workshops are held seasonally. Finally, Shokuiku launched a Youtube Channel, where Yoko's raw cooking methodologies and recipes are beautifully demonstrated. 

Shokuiku is located in 120 High St, Northcote, Melbourne, Vic

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Disclaimer: Nelly Belly bloggers dine courtesy of the establishment. Thank you Yoko and Anna for having me at Shokuiku. What a blissful foodie adventure!