Introducing No Grainer: Grain-Free Bread

Local food markets are the best for discovering niche food and artisan products. Wholey Day’s Flour Market was no exception, and it was to my delight in finding No Grainer- Australia’s first commercially-available paleo bread, made in Melbourne no less- and meeting the dynamic sister duo, Jo and Sally Godfrey, behind the World's Best Grain-Free Paleo Bread.

For years, Jo and Sally have self-navigated a diet appropriate for their health conditions; Jo, being a coeliac, and Sally, having diabetes and dairy-intolerance. You can imagine the level of their concentration and efforts when it comes to sourcing the ‘right’ food.

Jo and Sally's personal journey with gluten-free, dairy-free, and diabetic-friendly diet led to a sizable research and experimental cooking. In November 2015, they successfully developed a grain-free, yeast-free paleo bread that is perfectly artisanal and tasty as can be!

No Grainer paleo breads are:

✓ Grain-free
✓ Free of pseudo-grains and modified starches
✓ Dairy-free
✓ Yeast free
✓ Preservative free
 Low carb
Local & Organic ingredients

Not to mention, a bread slicer’s dream! No Grainer bread loafs slice up beautifully- the bread doesn’t crumb and each slice stays firm and intact when you take a bread knife through it.

No Grainer breads come in: Classic Almond Loaf, Mixed Seed Loaf, and Date, Raisin & Walnut Loaf. Also available are Pizza-bases, Sweet Scrolls and Grain-Free Cookies.

The Classic Almond Loaf has a smooth and medium-firm texture. It springs to the touch, while not being porous. The Mixed Seed Loaf is liberally seeded with organic pumpkin seed and organic sesame seeds, which when toasted, a nice aroma develops.

Jo and Sally bake their bread the day before market morning, and you can expect No Grainer loafs to arrive very fresh. Being preservative free, the breads are best kept in the fridge.

No Grainer breads taste great! I love the texture of healthy seeds. 
One more thing that I like about No Grainer is learning that the company engages in environmentally sustainable practices. The almond meal they use is from Australian-grown almonds. Organic ingredients come from wholesaler Terra Madre Organics in Northcote. Further, as their paleo bread uses organic egg whites only, No Grainer partners with Billy Van Creamy Ice Creamery- whereby an exchange of egg yolks for egg whites ensure that no part of an organic egg is wasted.

It is very clever and resourceful of them. And in turn, we indirectly support another local business. Just think, the more No Grainer breads we eat, the more ice cream gets made! 

No Grainer Cranberry and Chocolate Grain-Free Cookies are chewy, moist and delicious!!! Also- dairy-free chocolate is from Loving Earth. Raw Chocolate.
Finally, I like No Grainer for their products and, especially, for their people. Jo and Sally are truly lovely folks. They are genuine, bright and sparky, excellent to talk to about food intolerance, and their enthusiasm working on No Grainer is positively awesome.

Good food, good people, good energy. Now that's what I am talking about!

You can find No Grainer breads at specialty food stores. To find a stockist near you, visit No Grainer here.
Visit their website! No Grainer
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