Foodland Norwood- Shopping for Gluten Free and Dairy Free Food!

New to gluten free or dairy free living in Adelaide? I have done just the perfect research for your shopping needs. A one-stop grocery shop at Foodland Norwood can sort out your health feeds and allergy-friendly treats.

Here's what I found out about shopping gluten free and dairy free food shopping at Foodland, Norwood!

This is roughly the layout of Foodland Norwood supermarket in Norwood, in the western suburb of Adelaide. I will skip the obvious, such as fruits and veggies and meat sections, and go right into the belly of the store to explain what you might find in each aisle. 

1. Gluten-Free Breads

IGA has a good range of gluten-free breads. None of them homebrand. To date, there are breads and rolls from well-known brands such as: Schar, Genius, Lifestyle, Countrylife, Abbot's Bakery, Helga's and Burgen's. You can also find gf torillas and wraps as well as meringues and a few packaged gf treats here. 

Favorite products: Schar GF Multi-grain bread loaves, and Burgen's GF breads in Sunflower and Chia Seed

2. Alternative Sweeteners 
In this section, you can find maple syrup, rice malt syrup, golden syrup, molasses, stevia, coconut nectar, agave, coconut sugar and similarly sugar alternatives.

Favorite products: coconut sugar, maple syrup and rice malt syrup. 

Personally, I think dates can also go into this aisle, simply because I use dates a lot to make raw treats. You can find the recipe for this raw, paleo peanut butter chocolate bar here. 

3. Cereal, Porridges & Breakfast Goods

One thing I like about Foodland is its inclusion of small independent food manufacturers and imported goods. There are so many good products out there that you don't see in bigger chain supermarkets. Coming to Foodland, you get a much better perspective of  the wide range of GF products available in Australia. 

In this aisle, you can find lots of GF cereals and porridges from brands such as Orgran, Freedom FoodsWeet-Bix, Kellog's, Kez's, Forage, Carmen's, Byron Bay, Lowan's, Goodies and Grain and Nature's Path. 

Favorite products: Nature's Path Envirokidz gorilla munch cereal, Lowan's brown rice flakes, Bob's Red Mill gf oats and Kez's Kitchen Almond Crunch Cereal.

4. Crackers, Rice Cakes & Sweets

This aisle has your morning tea and avro munchies covered. There are all kinds of savory rice crackers, crispy corn or rice cakes which are just perfect snack on. For the sweet-toothed, there's a dedicated GF sweets section at the end where you can find gf and df cookies, yoyo's and fruit-filled bars. 

Favorite products: Peckish brown rice crackers, soy and linseed Corn Thins, Orgran's Animal Vanilla Cookies, Orgran's fruit-filled bars and Leda's chocolate chip cookies. 

5. GF Flours & Baking Supplies
Complete your GF pantry with baking supplies from this aisle. This aisle contains a huge rage of GF flours, both the blended-type and pure GF-grain flours, such as quinoa, coconut, lentil, buckwheat and rice flours. You can also find dairy-free baking chocolate, dried fruits and nuts, nut meals, vanilla extract, shredded coconut, yeast, sugar, baking powder and baking soda here. There are also prepackaged baking mixes for GF cakes and breads. 

Favorite productsSweet William Dairy Free White Chocolate, Easy Chef Lucky Almond Meal, shredded coconut and rice flour and Mckenzie's GF Baking Powder.

6. Canned Beans, Pickles, Olives & Spices

IGA has a good range of dried pulses, canned beans, pickled vegetables and spices. Though these products might not be labeled GF, you can be pretty sure that they are. It's just beans, after all.

Beans and pulses are excellent sources of protein, fibre and nutritious as can be. I always have a few cans in the pantry for whenever I feel like an easy and healthy salad. 

Favorite products: butter beans, kidney beans, lentils, sun-dried tomatoes and olives.

Orgran Buckwheat Pasta
GF, DF, Rice & Corn Free!
7. The GF Pasta Aisle
Can you believe that IGA Foodland has nearly an entire aisle just for gluten free pasta?! I couldn't believe my eyes. Similarly to how I felt about the cereal section, there are simply so many more brands of gf pasta than I expected. Most I have never tried.

Some of the brands found here: Orgran, Buon Appetito, Casalare, Barilla, San Remo, Perfecto, I Sea Pasta and Willunga Pasta

I recommend eating 100% whole grain pasta varieties that contain high fibre content. Give brown rice pastas and lentil pasta and buckwheat pasta a try! 

Favorite productsOrgran's Wholegrain Buckwheat Pasta, Barilla's GF pastas are very good too. 

8. Healthy Fat Section
A healthy, balanced pantry should include a variety of cooking oils and health fats. Here's a guide from America's Wholefoods Market that provides information on different cooking oils; their health benefits, uses and cooking points.  

I love coconut oil. I use it more than evoo (that's extra virgin olive oil). I also have brown rice oil at home for stir-fry needs. 

Favorite products: Absolute Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Raw & Cold Pressed), Cocomi Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Raw & Cold Pressed). 

9 & 10 Dairy-Free Yogurts and Ice Creams

I love coconut yogurts and dairy-free ice creams. But I have them rarely because I can't afford them. Such is my lot in life. (sigh)

Regardless, I venture down this aisle each time with the hope that one of the products would be on sale. Score!

Here are the different brands you can find for dairy-free yogurts and dairy-free ice creams:

*Dairy-free yogurt: Coyo, Born Cultured, Kingland, Soylife, Nudie and PureFree. 

Dairy-free ice cream: Zebra Dreams, Over the Moo, Gelista, Cocofrio, So Delicious, Tofutti, Luna and Larry's and Adelaide's own Live a Little

Favorite productsPureFree Organic Coconut Yogurt Natual & Unsweetened, Born Cultured Natural Coconut Yogurt, Live a Little Gelato.

11 & 12 The Golden 'Maisle'

I dub this the 'Golden Mile' of gluten free shopping. It has a large freezer section of frozen gluten-free goods, such as gluten-free pastry shells, croissants, breads, burritos, chicken fingers, lasagna, savoury and sweet pies, pizzas and cakes.

While is this far from the wholefood approach to gluten free eating, it just makes my eyes light up to see all types of food- the ones you probably thought you couldn't have again- available now in gluten free option, such as sausage rolls and savoury pies. 
No more time wasting on making GF pastry from scratch!

On the right hand side of the Golden Maisle is a cold fridge display with many many dairy-free items. These include dairy-free spreads, flaxseed oils, vegan mayonnaise and vegan cheese. It's simply the best.

Favorite products: Pressed Purity Organic Flaxseed Oil and Nuttelux dairy-free spread. 

13.  Nuts & Seeds
This entire section is for packaged dried nuts and seeds. Perfect for snacking. Look for raw, unsalted nuts for making raw desserts!

14. Tofu, Falafel, Smoked Salmon and Such
This cold display fridge section has your convenience in mind. Here you can find gluten-free falafels, tofu, smoked salmon, smoked trout and similar half-wholefood-half-lightly-processed food items. 

Take care to read the ingredients of vegan faux-meat items, such as vegan meat patties and sausages. Many of them contain wheat! 

Favorite products: all kinds of tofu, Yumi's Falafel and smoked salmon. 

15. Picnic/ Gift Hamper Gourmet Goodies/Deli
Foodland has a small section of gourmet goodies that are perfect for your picnic needs or gift hamper for someone special. In this area, you can find beautifully packaged chocolates, hot cocoa mixes, biscuits, raw protein bars, vegan treats and a whole bunch of Loving Earth products. 

Do tell me you know Loving Earth! 

Take a number at the Deli Department and order raw desserts. Yes, some time ago, a space in the Deli Dept. opened up for RAW, GF, VEGAN DESSERTS. The usual suspects are Blueberry Cheesecake, Ferroro Rocher, Snickers, Cherry Ripe and Salted Caramel. 

Favorite products: anything by Loving Earth and any kind of raw protein bars. 

16. Bulk Food Bins

This south-west corner contains bulk food bins. You can find South Australian-grown almonds and walnuts, raw nuts and seeds, toasted nuts and seeds, mixed savoury nuts, confectionary. 

There is no label that has details of the ingredients, so be cautious when shopping for spicy and savoury nuts and rice crackers, because they might have gluten in them!

17. Discount Food
I hardly ever leave the store without stopping by this section. Have you heard of it? A discounted food bin is located on the top left corner of the store. Generally, it's a messy shelve of soon-end of date products. The range is far and plenty; and you can find gluten free breads, chips, baking mixes and even coconut yogurts at half price. Its contents vary, and that's part of the fun. You never know what treasures you'd find!

That sums up a tour of Foodland, Norwood supermarket for gluten-free and dairy-free, allergy-friendly grocery shopping. As you can see, this is such a HUGE supermarket; there are at least 17 different locations within the supermarket to find gluten-free and dairy-free food. I hope you can your way around this supermarket now and be able to locate your favorite food with little hassle!

*About dairy-free yogurts: I like unsweetened, full fat coconut yogurt with no modified starches in them. I feel modified starches are added to dairy-free yogurts to give them texture. I think they taste synthetic. When it comes to dairy-free yogurts, choose whole, pure milk-free alternative, probiotic strains and with least number of additives as possible!